July 30, 2012






The long-awaited time for information about 2012’s Catch the Vision Aaronic Priesthood Encampment has come. This is the first of a series of monthly newsletters with information from the encampment committee.

Jim Fox, camp chairman, has been meeting for months setting up committees and making preparations for this great event. As of now we have participated in a clean-up event and other individuals have been preparing the site for the 3000-plus scouts that will use the facility next July.

A pump house has been constructed on site, along with a well that will accommodate our encampment. Roads are being widened and grass seed was donated and spread. We have come a great distance in a short amount of time and will still need a lot more involvement to help our youth “Catch The Vision.” Begin now to encourage your leaders and young men to make preparations to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event. In addition to members, ward young men’s presidencies and bishoprics are encouraged to identify nonmembers to attend. Please work with your ward mission and your young men to identify such individuals.

Each young man that attends will have interaction with presiding and visiting general authorities on a small group basis during the week. Camp-wide firesides with the general authorities will be held on Monday and Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday firesides will be under the direction of the presiding stake president of each stake.

Those that should attend include entire stake presidencies, bishoprics, and ward and stake young men’s presidencies. Cost is $100 for each person attending the encampment. This includes those men volunteering to run merit badges and field events. If a man does not stay for the entire week and someone replaces him, the two men count as one for the entire week. The payment for all persons will be left up to each bishop to determine the amount to pay, on the honor system.

Clarification: The $100 fee is the registration fee for the encampment. Stakes may specify a different fee for wards based on how expenses for the encampment are handled within each stake.

The schedule for payments will be 1/3 due on March 1, 1/3 due on May 1, and the balance due by July 20, 2012. Of the $2,000 already paid by each stake, $1,000 will be applied to the March 1st payment and $1,000 to the May 1st payment. Payments will be made to the Spokane Washington Valley Stake. Registration for youth will start on February 1, 2012. For more information on this and other items visit us at

New Logo, New Look

One of the tasks to prepare for the encampment has been to develop a logo that reflects the “Catch the Vision” theme. This process is complete and the result is the new logo shown on this newsletter and on the web site. Along with the new logo, the web site has had a makeover to match the new logo.

Gateway Competition

A gateway competition will be held during the encampment. It is suggested that each stake build an animated, decorative, and creative gateway to its campsite. We will be adding more information about this competition to the web site, including pictures of gateways from past jamborees.


We have had many inquiries regarding trailers. It has been decided that one camp trailer per stake will be allowed in the stake camp site. It is to be used for central cooking for the stake and not for sleeping or keeping gear out of the elements. Your trailer station must be located in the back half of your site. Stakes are not allowed to bring generators for use on their camp site. These trailers’ reason for being there is to offer cooking and a place to wash dishes if the trailer is designed to do so. That is the only purpose for this trailer. Campers, drag-ons, and motor homes are not permitted in the encampment. If you have any questions regarding your stake's trailer, please feel free to email us at or contact us using the web site contact form.

Youth Protection Training

Youth protection training is required for all adults attending the encampment. Bishops, please have your leaders complete this online training at the BSA web site. The highest priority should be given to the protection of our scouts.

Security Detail

We need each stake to fill three slots for the security detail throughout the week. If you have volunteers willing to work in security, please send an email to We need to have these assignments filled by June 1, 2012.

Current Needs

  • Men trained and certified in rock climbing are needed. If you have individuals in your stakes and wards that are trained in rock climbing and would be available to help during the week of the encampment, please email Ladd Livingston at Please provide information about the applicant to help us make a safe decision.
  • Do you have an ATV mule that is just sitting idle in your field? If this is the case, please let us know if we can borrow it for the week.

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