July 30, 2012




The encampment will have activities for all ages of youth, including some activities designed specifically for different age groups. Some activities test athletic skills, some provide problem-solving challenges, and some are just a lot of fun. There will also be activities that will help strengthen testimonies, sharpen team-building skills, and activities to help youth answer questions about the gospel asked by friends and those they meet.

Activity areas will be open from 2:00pm until 5:00pm on Monday, July 30. These areas will be open from 9:00am to 12:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm on Tuesday through Friday. Some areas will remain open through the lunch break.

Each participant will receive a “passport,” which will be stamped with a unique stamp at each activity. This will keep track of the activities that a person has participated in. There will not be a specific schedule for these activities; each person will be allowed to participate in whichever activities they choose. If someone wants to participate in a specific activity more than once, they may do so but will have to wait until those who have not yet participated have had a turn.

Here is a list of the activities that have been planned so far, with more to come:

  • COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) Courses
    Increasingly difficult challenges; participants climb, jump, balance, zip, and swing their way to solutions
    • BSA High COPE course
    • BSA Low COPE course
      Similar activities, but not as strenuous as the high COPE course
  • Climbing tower
    A second climbing tower in addition to the one in the COPE course. Test your climbing skills.
  • Aquatics
    • Fishing
      Who can catch the biggest? Who can catch the most kinds?>
      Youth and leaders planning to fish will need to bring their own poles and gear. Bait and lures will be available. We have secured a group fishing license that is free of charge for those planning to fish.
    • Swimming
    • Snorkeling
      Look for fish and sunken treasure
  • Wilderness survival
    Similar to the Air Force Survival School and taught with the help of AF Survival School Instructors. Camp overnight at a remote site and learn to survive on your own.
  • Rock climbing
    Learn technical rock climbing skills with certified instructors. This will be done at a remote site. There will be six three-hour sessions for Venture Scouts. Sign up on a first come, first served basis. Be quick if you want to climb the rocks.
  • Shooting sports
    • Shotgun
      Test your skills on clay pigeons
    • Black powder
      See if you can shoot as well as the pioneers to bring home the meat
    • .22 Rifle
      Can you hit the target?
    • BB Guns
      Shoot and shoot and shoot!
    • Air-O-Shoot
      Shoot paint balls using archery skills and techniques. Conducted over a large course, testing your skills to be sneaky and quiet and hit the targets.
    • Archery
      Two courses: one for younger Scouts and one for older Scouts. How do you compare with Robin Hood or William Tell? Can you shoot the apple from the top of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s head?
  • Sports
    • Football throw
      See if you are as good as an NFL quarterback
    • Baseball throw
      Are you a Cy Young award winning pitcher? How will you match with Clayton Kershaw or Justin Verlander?
    • Knife throwing
      Can you stick a knife into a target from ten paces?
    • Hatchet throwing
      Cut the pumpkin in two with a direct hit
    • Tripod waddle race
      Teams pull an A-frame carrying a passenger. Who can get the best time?
    • Pioneer games
      Stick pull - Can you pull up Joseph Smith?
    • Tug of war
      Who has the strongest team? By age group.
    • Light a match with a hatchet
      How good is your aim? Can you hit the head of a wooden match close enough to light it without cutting it to pieces?
    • Logging activities
      Log rolling, greased pole climbing, cross-cut saw, axe throw, and others. Are you as tough as an old-time logger, one that worked so hard he would eat as much as 9,000 calories a day and never get fat?
    • Cross-cut saw competition
      Competition with times posted to see who in the camp can cut the fastest
    • Three rope suspension bridge
      How good is your balance? Can you cross the canyon as fast as Indiana Jones and escape becoming dinner for head hunters?
    • Bucking barrel horse
      How long will you be able to stay on? Test your cowboy skills.
    • Human foosball
      Play foosball with Scouts as the players. Fun and wild! Competition between wards and stakes. Get your best team ready.
    • Mechanical bull ride
      How long can you stay on?
    • Disc golf
      Nine or eighteen holes
  • Triathlon
    This activity will be held on Thursday morning. Swim, bike, run. Come and test your athletic skills. Those that would like to participate need to bring your own bikes. See the triathlon information for more details.
  • Obstacle courses
    There will be several courses, some for individuals and some for teams, to test your skills. One “handicap” course will test your skills using crutches and wheel chairs. Others will have obstacles that have to be negotiated with special restrictive rules. One will be a BSA ninja warrior course. Hone your skills, you will be tested!
  • Warrior training
    Build slingshots, learn to joust.
  • Geocaching
    There will be two geocaching courses: one for older scouts and one for younger boys. How good are you at using a GPS unit to find a special prize? Better get some practice.
  • Rockets and Things That Soar
    Putting things high into the air! Giant water balloon slingshot, trebuchet, and who know what else to launch missiles high into the air.
  • Water Rockets
    Make your own water rocket. Make your rocket using a water bottle and see how high you can get it to go. Test your design and construction skills. Bring your own empty bottle.
  • Scout skills
    • Fire starting
      You just fell into the river in the middle of winter and it is twenty degrees below zero. Can you keep from freezing?
    • Lashing
      Can you build a bridge to cross a raging river or build a shelf to hold your wash basin?
    • Knot tying
      Test your skills. Can you tie a clove hitch, a half hitch, a bowline, and a timber hitch?
  • Dutch Oven Cooking
    Come and learn from the best dutch oven chefs in the West! Learn all the secrets of how to make pineapple upside-down cake, pizza, and even good old stew.
  • Neckerchief Slides
    Bill Burch and his equally skilled partner Bob Dollar are coming to participate in the encampment. Bill is world famous for his uniquely carved neckerchief slides. They may even be able to give a few lessons. Bring your sharp knives and a good supply of Band-Aids.
  • Spiritual
    Activities to build testimonies and spiritual strength
    • Order of the Liahona
      Scripture learning and challenge by age with daily goals
    • Hand cart pull
      Test your pioneer skills and see if you can survive in the winters of Wyoming
    • Scripture knowledge bowl
      Test your scripture finding skills
    • Island challenge
      See if you can save a stranded companion using a bag of tools
    • Missionary challenge
      Learn how to respond to questions about the gospel and how to bear your testimony to non-members
    • Church history
      Learn about the early days of the church and the challenges faced by the members
    • Hold to the rod
      Can you stay focused on the gospel and your testimony, even when faced with temptations and people that try to sway you away from restored truths?
    • Joseph Smith memorial games
      Competition by age group, old-fashioned games, stick pull, leg wrestling, others
    • Faith Factor – Camp Sunrise’s “Fear Factor”
      Do you have the courage to face the challenges standing between you and your team’s victory? Is that really dog food that you have to eat? Can you find the right key to unchain your team in time? How many mustard-covered marshmallows can your teammate drop in your mouth in the allotted time? While blindfolded, can you swallow whatever that is that your team is telling you to eat? Can you suck more lemon juice than the other team? These and other challenges await you and your team in this opportunity to confront potential fears with courage, faith and team work.
  • Team/trust building
    Activities to help build trust and team (quorum and patrol) cooperation