July 30, 2012





The camp service project information packet is now available. This includes service project information, arrival and departure times, driving directions, and camp maps.

The first event leading up to the encampment is the camp service project scheduled for May 14, 2011. During this activity young men and leaders from 17 stakes will begin preparing the camp area for next summer’s encampment. This date coincides with the annual celebration of the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood.

Camp Sunrise Camp Sunrise
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Camp Sunrise is an undeveloped area on the west side of the Cowles Scout Reservation. The camp area has been cleared of trees, but there are fallen trees and light brush that need to be cleared before the encampment.

We are in the process of assigning camp areas so that each stake can clear and prepare the area that they will be camping on in 2012. This presents a unique opportunity for young men to work to prepare a piece of ground and then come back and enjoy the benefit of their labor. This will also benefit the Inland Northwest Council by improving the camp so that it can be used for future events. Eagle scouts will work together as a separate group to prepare the area being used as the amphitheater for the encampment.

The service project will run from 9:00am to 2:00pm on May 14, 2011. Each stake will have an assigned arrival time so that we can better manage parking and traffic. We will provide additional information on arrival and departure procedures in April 2011.

We are expecting cool spring weather for this activity — the temperature is likely to be 45 to 55 degrees and there is always a possibility of spring rain. Young men and leaders should be prepared for the activity by bringing:

  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Sturdy boots or shoes
  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Rain gear
  • Work gloves
  • Water

Each stake will also want to have a few shovels, long-handled pruners, and pick axes.

Stakes and wards should work together to decide when and how to provide lunch for their participants. We suggest some kind of sack lunch. There are currently no capabilities for fire suppression at Camp Sunrise, so fires and cook stoves are not allowed. Plan on something that doesn’t need to be cooked. There is also no water available at the camp, so bring enough water to meet your needs for the day.

Each stake should have one or two leaders with chain saws to cut up downed logs so that they can be more easily moved by the young men. Leaders using chain saws must meet certain requirements. The names of these leaders will need to be submitted before the service project.

If you have questions about the service project, contact Glenn Whittle, the project chairman, or use the web site contact form. You can also join our leader email list to receive email updates.

Leaders should be aware of the following deadlines regarding the service project:

  • March 20 - Final confirmation of stake participation in service project
  • April 15 - Roster of attending leaders from each stake is due, including names of designated chain saw operators
  • May 1st - Report of the number of boys attending with the number of Eagle Scouts separated

Stakes that have made arrangements to camp at Camp Cowles on Friday, May 13, will receive instructions the first week of May with additional information on camp arrangements. Leaders can also contact Andrea Watson at the Inland Northwest Council office or use the contact form if they need additional information.