July 30, 2012





We have made arrangements with a food distributor to deliver perishable food orders on Tuesday and Thursday during the encampment. Stakes should bring their own perishables to get started. Our intent is to provide a limited selection of perishables for resupply on Tuesday and Thursday so that you do not have to store large quantities for the entire week. We are open to further suggestions on what to stock, but can’t be a supermarket for any and all requests.

Ice will be available in 8 pound blocks and 20 pound bags of crushed ice between noon and 2:00pm Tuesday through Friday. Ice does not need to be preordered and there is no charge for ice. Ice will be allocated based on the number of registered attendees for each stake and by the weather.

We will have reefer trucks bringing in and holding these products. The delivery point will be located close to the main camp. The trucks are not available as a storage unit for stake perishables.

Stakes can place orders in advance for these items and they will be available for pickup between noon and 2:00pm on Tuesday and/or Thursday, based on the delivery date(s) requested when the product is ordered. Wards that would like to place individual orders will need to do so through their stake leaders.

The pricing shown below is the final pricing. We have also added a new item: liquid eggs. Orders must be placed by July 14, 2012, and all orders are final. This is not Costco pricing. There are transportation and handling costs involved in bringing these items to the camp, along with the additional costs of using commercial suppliers. We will provide the best available substitute if a product is out of stock.

Stake leaders can now place orders for these products by using the order form available in the registration section of the web site.

Product Pack Price
Milk 2% 4 x 1 gallon $11.08
Bread 12 x 20 oz loaf $16.96
Fresh liquid eggs - Large 30 pounds (about 24 dozen) $48.85
Eggs - Medium 15 dozen $13.93
Franks 10 pounds (60 count) $19.52
Ground beef patties 10 pounds (40 count) $27.10
Gold & Soft margarine 24 x 15 oz $38.74
6" Hot dog buns 8 pkgs x 12 buns $14.85
4" Hamburger buns 6 pkgs x 12 buns $11.53
Fresh Express salad mix 4 pkgs x 5 pounds $14.95
Fresh Express salad mix 1 pkg x 5 pounds $4.42
American sliced cheese 5 pounds (120 slices) $10.17
Hillshire Deli sliced ham 6 pkgs x 2 pounds $47.96
Hillshire Deli sliced turkey 6 pkgs x 2 pounds $51.52
Daily's bacon 15 pounds $37.80
Large tomatoes 50 count $19.26
Bulk pork sausage 2 pkgs x 5 pounds $20.50
Oranges 72 count $33.48
Fuji apples 113 count $20.95