July 30, 2012





Can eleven-year-old Scouts attend the encampment?

Eleven-year-old scouts are invited to attend on Friday, stay Friday night, and return home on Saturday.

The current Church Scouting Handbook is available online. Camping information for eleven-year-old Scouts is on page 4 of that handbook:

Eleven-year-old Scouts may participate in three one-night camps a year, which meets the camping requirements for advancement to First Class rank. As desired, these overnight camp experiences may be held with the ward’s Boy Scout troop. The eleven-year-old Scout leader plans the overnight camps in consultation with the ward Primary presidency, the bishopric adviser to the Primary, and the ward Scouting committee. No other Scout sponsored overnight camping should be planned for eleven-year-old Scouts.

There is no registration fee for these boys to attend the encampment. There may be a stake registration fee for these boys if the stake will be covering some expenses as part of their attendance. They will register through the same online process used for all others attending the encampment.

What is the cost to attend the encampment?

The encampment registration fee is $100 for each boy or leader participating. If two leaders will be “splitting” the week, they can share a single registration. The registration fee covers the cost of holding the encampment (site rental and improvements, equipment, BSA staff for some activity areas, etc.). Stakes are responsible for making this payment to the Spokane Washington Valley Stake, the agent stake for the encampment. If stake leaders have questions about the registration fees or payment schedule, those should be directed to the encampment committee.

Stakes may set a different registration fee that reflects expenses that the stake will be covering as part of the encampment, amounts that the stake may contribute toward the encampment registration fee from the stake budget, or a combination of both. The registration fee due to the stake is set by stake leaders. Ward leaders who have a question about registration fees for the encampment should contact a member of their stake young men presidency.

There is no registration fee for eleven-year-old Scouts who attend the encampment on Friday and Saturday. The stake may set a registration fee for these boys if there are expenses that will be covered at the stake level as part of their attendance. Questions about registration costs for eleven-year-old scouts should be directed to a member of the stake young men presidency or the stake Primary presidency.

Where is the equipment list for the encampment?

We are not providing a packing list for the encampment. See the equipment list page for more information and a few suggestions.