July 30, 2012





We are not providing an equipment list for the encampment. The encampment is not supplying any equipment for stakes or wards except for food deliveries pre-ordered by stake leaders. Individuals will want to consult with their stake and ward leaders to see what equipment the ward or stake will provide and what equipment individuals need to bring.

We recommend you refer to pages 292 through 295 of the Boy Scout Handbook for a suggested equipment list. You may also want to search on the Internet for suggested packing lists for a national jamboree, since this event is very similar to a national jamboree.

There are some items that we remind you to consider as you pack:

  • Be prepared for insects — The encampment site is situated on a large body of water. There is also a marshy area with standing water. Insects are out in full force!
  • Trash containers — The encampment will not provide trash containers, although we will have some garbage service. Bring trash cans and liners, as necessary. Think ahead to how you can minimize the amount of trash you generate. There are no fires, so burn barrels are not allowed and you will not be able to burn trash in fires.
  • Merit badge and activity areas — Those responsible for merit badge and activity areas may want to bring some kind of shade, table, chairs, and a large water container.
  • You may want to consider bringing a lawn chair.