July 30, 2012





The BSA camp staff will be operating a trading post at Camp Cowles during the encampment. Items available at the trading post include many of the traditional summer camp trading post items. There will also be clothing with the encampment logo and snacks and drinks.

Several trading post items have been ordered specifically for the encampment. These unique items are not traditional trading post fare but represent the unique nature of the encampment and serve as reminders of scriptural teachings.

One common question in the past week has been how much money boys should bring for the trading post. Boys planning to work on a merit badge that requires a kit (basketry, leatherwork) will need to have money to purchase the kit. They may also want to bring additional money to purchase clothing or the other items that have been special-ordered for the encampment.


Clothing with the encampment logo is being produced by a BSA-licensed supplier. The trading post catalog contains information on clothing items available for purchase. These items can be ordered by stakes and wards or directly by individuals. Individual orders can be placed by submitting the orders to your stake leaders or by faxing the order form according to the instructions in the catalog.

Clothing items must be pre-ordered. All clothing items, including individual orders, will be delivered to stake leaders on Monday, July 30, for distribution at the encampment. Clothing orders must be placed by 4:00pm on Monday, July 2.

Few are going to want to wear the same encampment T-shirt all week so, we hope that patrols, quorums, troops, wards, and local leaders will want to create a sense of unity by also having class B uniforms.

For units wishing to personalize their own class B clothing such as hats and coats, we have created “Catch the Vision” patches with the encampment logo in four different colors. These patches will be shipped to stake leaders one week prior to camp to allow time for sewing. These patches are $1.50 each. A collector set of all four colors is available for $5.00. Build brotherhood and esprit de corps by creating a unique look and feel for your quorum.

For answers to any clothing or trading post questions, contact Jim Harston at