July 30, 2012





Thank you for a terrific week at camp! Hopefully you've had a chance to wash up, sleep, and maybe do a little unpacking.

We will be publishing some additional information from camp over the next few days. The full triathlon results will hopefully be available this afternoon. There are also some interesting numbers starting to trickle in:

  • 30,000 Gallons of water used for dust control on Monday
  • 3,324 Merit badge applications (blue cards) processed

If you have pictures from camp that you want to share, send them to and we will post them on the web site over the next few weeks.

We have a steering committee review meeting in September and would appreciate your comments, feedback, and suggestions. Send us your thoughts using the web site comment form or email us at with anything you feel would be helpful as we review the camp and document information for the next committee to take on this kind of task.

Thank you again for joining us. Camp dismissed.


Happy Thursday night. The moon just came up and it's cooling off nicely. We are excited to see the eleven-year-old Scouts tomorrow.

I apologize for getting this information out so late. It has been a busy day in camp!

For those of you who get this before morning, here are some last-minute details and reminders for those coming with eleven-year-old Scouts.

Getting to camp

There are a couple of camp maps in the maps section of the web site. For those who want to plug an address in a GPS, use 4201 North Shore Diamond Lake Road, Newport, WA. That should get you close enough to find us.

When you're driving in on Highway 2, watch for the large white "Catch the Vision" sign near the intersection of North Shore Road and Highway 2.

Drive right past the second "Catch the Vision" sign. All vehicles coming to camp go to the Finch Lodge parking lot. We will meet you there and get you instructions for getting on the bus and through registration.

Some of you may have received instructions to come up and stop at various locations along North Shore road to quickly unload boys. In a word: don't.

What to bring

Pack for an overnight camp. If you have questions on what to bring, the equipment list on the web site points you to the appropriate section of the Boy Scout Handbook.

When to arrive

To make the best use of your day, plan to be to camp by 8:00am so that you have time to get settled in and be ready as soon as the activities start.

See you tomorrow!


Registration is now closed. We are in the process of generating final registrations reports and getting ready for camp on Monday.

If you have outstanding registration issues, contact us using the web site contact form. We will be checking for messages from the contact form regularly until camp begins.

This is the last update expected here before the encampment begins on Monday morning. If need to contact a member of the encampment staff, call 509‑842‑3549.


The encampment is less than one week away and we're wrapping up the final details this week. The latest updates from the camp committee include:

  • Trading post update — One of the common questions from the past few days has been how much money the boys should bring for the camp trading post. We have added more details about the trading post along with information about some items in the trading post that have been ordered specifically for the encampment.
  • Gateway competition — Stakes have been receiving information about the gateway competition being held at the encampment. We took some pictures of the gateways that are up when we toured Camp Sunrise last week. There were some pretty impressive gateways and we're excited to see the rest of them next week.
  • Triathlon information — There will be a triathlon in camp on Thursday morning. Details are now available on the web site.
  • Communications at camp — Read more information about communicating with the encampment staff while at camp.


We have had a busy week making final preparations for the encampment. There are now less than nine days remaining until the start of camp.

The steering committee met on Thursday evening at Camp Sunrise and walked through the camp area for a final review. Everything is coming together and we're anxious to see you there next week.

Here are the latest updates:

  • Arrival and check-in procedure — Information on the arrival and check-in procedure is now available. All leaders should review this information before leaving for camp. Some people have received preliminary information on arrival times. Any arrival times you received earlier have been changed.
  • Revised security assignments schedule — The assignments on the original security schedule were uneven and we have reworked the schedule to balance out the assignments between stakes.
  • Consider bringing a camp chair!


The web site has been updated with new information:

Everyone attending the encampment will receive a camp passport. The passport contains the daily schedule, a list of the activities and merit badges available, and camp map. The passport is available to preview online. You do not need to print a copy of the passport — printed passports will be provided when you check in at camp.


We are not providing an equipment list for the encampment. There is more information on the equipment list page along with a few suggestions.


There have been some updates to the list of merit badges being offered at the encampment. The final list of merit badges is available on the web site.


Each stake will be given press passes for two youth from their stake who would like to participate in the daily bulletin. They will assist in writing stories, collecting photographs, and sharing information about camp. They will have access to the Internet at the end of the day to upload blogs and web information for families at home. They will also help with essay contests, photo contests, and receive special recognition awards.

We encourage each stake to make a historical record of the event from their local perspective. Please invite members to share digital photographs of the event. If Scouters have photos and articles about special events to share with other units, please have them bring hard copies or load them on thumb drives to be shared at camp. A bulletin board will also be available for sharing material with other units.

For more information, please contact your stake representative or Jim Harston at


Anyone participating in the fishing activity will need to bring their own poles and gear. Bait and lures will be available at the encampment. We have secured a group fishing license that is free of charge for young men and leaders who will be fishing.